Do you have a catalogue?
As we have a huge range of dresses, and the stock changes all the time it is not cost effective for us to produce a catalogue-we therefore keep our website updated regularly,and we also have an amazing facebook page where you can find out all the latest news in the world of bridal..

Are the dresses on your website in store?

Yes 98% of what you seen on our site we have in store as a sample for you to try on-but if you are coming to try on a specific dress do ring and check with us first.

What price range are your dresses?

We try to keep our dresses at affordable prices-they range from £995-£3500

How often do you get new stock?

We buy new stock twice a yr- and they arrive in store around July-Aug and then again Dec-Jan.

Do you mind if I bring in photos of dressses I like?

Of course not we encourage brides to do this – it is very helpful for us. But do remember that the models used in these photos are usually 6ft tall, and sz 6-8. So do be open minded and let us suggest styles that you may not have thought of before, do try them on – sometimes it can surprise you.

Do I need an appointment?

We do advise you to make an appointment, we work in private rooms with your own bridal stylist  to help and advise you . 

How long will my appointment be?

If this is your 1st bridal appointment you will have a one hour slot allocated to you. If you are coming to retry we will give you 30mins.

Who should I bring when I come for my appointment?

When shopping for a wedding gown all the experts advise not to bring too many people. Your mum and one or two other trusted individuals seem to be the perfect mix. Pick a few people who love you, your experience will be a lot more enjoyable and you will have a better chance of being successful in your quest. Its great to have one or two people who are close to you to give you honest opinions but bringing too many people to “poll the audience” is a recipe for disaster that may make you miss out on your perfect gown. In the end the only opinion that truly counts when picking a wedding gown is YOURS! You will be the center of attention at your wedding .You want a wedding gown that will make you look fantstic and feel amazing. You are the only one who will really know when you have found the gown that does this.

Will you store my dress when it arrives in?

Unfortuantely due to the large amount of bridal wear we sell it is impossible for us to store all the dresses that come in, we will try our best and we to help you out as best as we can

Should I look for my wedding gown and the bridesmaids’ gown on the same day?

Don”t try to do too much in one day. We suggest you not try to shop for bridesmaids and a wedding dress all in the same day. Finding that perfect dress can be harder, more time consuming, and more mentally exhausting than you think. We suggest you focus on your wedding gown first, and plan a separate day for the bridesmaids shopping.

What if I find a dress that I love but I am not ready to buy yet?

There can be several reasons why you may not want to buy a) don;t have the money for the deposit?? –if this is so then do tell us and we can work out a payment plan for you. b)want to bring mum/sister etc.. then tell us and we will try & work round when suits you – it is best to get your dream dress ordered early as we never know when a manufacture will discontuine a dress-and we would hate for you to be disappointed.


How much is the deposit?

We need 50% off the price of the dress before we can order it for you. If you don’t have the 50% we will let you pay off your deposit over a period of weeks or mths( depending on date of your wedding) – we will always do our best to help out our brides.


Do you do the alterations?

We do not have an in house dressmaker but we have a very extensive list of fantastic independent dressmakers right across the country who will be able to do your fittings for you. This will be more cost effective for  you.


Do you have a good range of wedding accessories?

Yes we always carry a good range of jewellery, veils, tiaras, fascinators and shoes .we try to match our accessories to our dresses so we can therefore help and advise you on this also.

Do you have a good range of bridesmaids dresses?

Yes we keep around 400 + bridesmaids dresses in various sizes and colour for you to try on. The range in price from £169- £399. We  carry all the top lables in bridesmaids such as Dessy of New York, True Bride, Ronald Joyce, Mori Lee and lots more …

What should I order first wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses?

I personally feel that your wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding and it will didicate the theme of your day – so I would say get your dress and then get the bridesmaids to complement the dress. Remember it can take anything from 3mths – 9mths for a wedding dress to arrive in whereas bridesmaids are approx 12-24weeks for delivery.Do remember a lot of manufactures will do a rush delivery for a surchage so do ask if your wedding is quite soon.

What size are your wedding dresses?

We keep a range of sample dresses from sz 12-28 and all of our dressses go right up to a sz 34-so never panic we will always have something for you to try on. If there is a specific dress you want to try on and want to check what sz our sample is then do feel free to ring us-we will do our best to help you out. 02838321607 

I plan to loose weight – when should I start to look for my dress?

Bridal wear can be taken in easily enough – and I would rather your dress came in too big rather than too small as there is not as easy to let it out. Planning a wedding is stressful enough so don;t put extra pressure on yourself by ordering a dress a few sizes smaller than you actually are. Most brides buy thier dresses 6-18mths before hand so order your dress at the size you are then – and if you have to have it taken in to fit you then well done, and if you haven’t lost weight then you have a fantastic dress that you don’t have to panic over.